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Support FAQ

Support FAQ

New! We have recently put together a quick troubleshooting guide for basic computer issues.

We will be adding additional check lists for other common problems including Internet connections, applications, emails and more.

These guides can be found under the Support FAQ page.


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Software Development

Application Development


DataSmart Business Solution consultants are experts in database application development & design. We understand that the success of complex applications depends on the design of the database and associated data structures. Our database design specialists have extensive experience in designing from this perspective. Getting the design right the first time means your application functions properly the first time, and every time.

DataSmart Business Solutions also undertake custom application development for our clients. Our specialization is in VB .NET application development, but we also have software developers available for Microsoft Access, Visual Basic (VB), and Java based projects. Why not contact us about your software development project today?


EasyTrack Job Management System

The EasyTrack Job Management System is a custom database designed to allow cabinet manufactures to keep track of all aspects of their business. Major components of the system include quote management, fixing & maintenance diaries, materials tracking and ordering, automated reporting and many more features.

EasyTrack Freight Management System

The EasyTrack Freight Management System is a streamlined database designed for freight and shipping companies to enable simplified tracking and management of freight shipped through their company.