Managed Server Backups

 Why Backup?

Your business’ data and information technology infrastructure is one of it’s most important assets. Without these systems running correctly most business either cannot function at all or function with greatly reduced productivity.

Consistent, secure, well maintained backups protect against the loss of data, or faults in hardware, enabling you to get back up and running quickly if a disaster strikes. Whether it’s restoring an accidently edited word document, recovering files encrypted by a virus infection or rebuilding an entire sever following a hardware failure our managed backup solution will have you covered.

Managed Backups

With a managed backup we take full control of implementing, monitoring, managing, maintaining and testing your backups, for a fixed monthly price, leaving you and your staff to focus on your work.


Our hybrid backup offering takes advantage of cloud and on-site backups to ensure you have backups in numerous different locations, covering all your needs.

Specifically, we use a three-tiered approach of VSS, USB, and Cloud.


A VSS backup is a quick, regular backup of all data which has changed on the server, stored on the server itself. We typically run these 3 times a day during office hours and use them to restore any files which are corrupted, edited or deleted.


Nightly backups to a, always connected USB drive provide a longer depth of backups, often stretching back a month or more. These can be used to restore data which is not noticed as missing for some time or to restore the entire server if needed.


The final level of backups, cloud backups are completely disconnected from your network meaning they are immune to even critical events like serious virus infections and hardware theft or destruction which could render all on-site data unusable.

Like the USB backup the cloud backup can be used both for restoring individual files or fully restoring the server.

Am I Cloud Ready?

With the NBN coming online you can now backup your full server to a cloud location in a matter of days. Once the initial backup is complete we keep the cloud location in sync with your local systems by backing up only the data which changes each day.

Monitoring and Maintaining Backups

All our managed backup solutions include the monitoring and maintaining of your backup. We pro-actively investigate and resolve any backup failure or missed schedule to ensure you always have the level of data security you expect.

Disaster Recovery Plan

The final element of a strong backup system is a well understood and tested recovery plan. This should outline how different levels of disaster should be dealt with, what data/systems should be recovered first and estimate the time lines for the restore.

This plan ensures you know what to expect when a problem occurs and verifies the required actions are known and actionable.

Verifying Backups

This element of a backup plan is often overlooked. As part of our managed backups we regularly perform test restores for each different backup location to verify all are working correctly. We also offer this as a stand-alone service for clients who manage their own backups.