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Support FAQ

Support FAQ

New! We have recently put together a quick troubleshooting guide for basic computer issues.

We will be adding additional check lists for other common problems including Internet connections, applications, emails and more.

These guides can be found under the Support FAQ page.


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Customer Testimonials

Ringma Cabinets

Ringma Cabinets has been using DataSmart for over 7 years and we highly recommend them to any company looking for a seamless I.T and ‘Software development’ service. We would like to thank to all the staff at DataSmart for the great services provided in all our I.T work and ‘Software development’.
The recommendations and upgrades as well as the general maintenance to our server and computers allows us to run an efficient office with very little downtime. Chris and Len have a great understanding of Software Development and effortlessly provide upgrades and enhancements to ‘EasyTrack’ (the DataSmart developed tracking software).

The recent phone system upgrade was another example of your great service!

It’s also very refreshing dealing with a company whose focus is not in selling you the most expensive solution but with a cost effective solution that works best for your company.

A big thankyou from all the staff at Ringma Cabinets.

                                                                                                                      - Brian, Ringma Cabinets